You Should Be Here


Lord only knows what this song’s about. Being present in your own life? Maybe. But then who’s on the receiving end of all the invective in the verse? I couldn’t tell you if my life depended on it.

Don’t get me wrong — I liked this song when it first showed up, and I always figured eventually I would nail it down. But it ended up getting clean away from me. I never could regain whatever feeling sparked it to life in the first place. (It’s often a dead giveaway when a song has a line that goes, “I ain’t got nothing to say.”) And to compensate for that, we fussed with the “arrangement” endlessly in rehearsal (listen in the quiet part for Lori playing melodic notes way the hell up the neck of her bass — I think we had to bribe her like a hundred bucks a note).

Still, for all that, it was fun to play live, and a consistent crowd-pleaser to boot — probably because The Girls would take it and somehow nearly always manage to kick up a decent racket.

You Should Be Here

Philip Shelley and his Amazing All-Girl Band

What do you know about
Things that were meant to be?
Can you honestly say
You’re good company?

Do you really _____?
Do you really want a chance?

Then you should be here
Any time of day
You should be here
I ain’t got nothing to say

But if you want to make it clear
And if you want to make it here
Then you should be here
Yeah you should be here

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