Yes, Spiritual Awakening

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Dear, sweet Mara, and dear, sweet St. Marks Place.

Yes, Spiritual Awakening

The Lockhorns

I saw a girl that I knew so long ago
She really seemed to have her act together, so I told her so
I said, Honey, how’d you do it in such a short, short time?
If you got the secret, I wish you’d make the secret mine

She said, No pot smoking
She said, No sitting on the steps
She said, No alcohol

She said, Yeah yeah, spiritual awakening
Yeah yeah, spiritual awakening

She said she’s living in West Roxbury with her mom and dad
She said her office job is quiet, but the quiet ain’t that bad
‘Cause there’s a couple of boys she likes and a life she wants to lead
She said there comes a point in life you have to ask for help to get the things you need

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