Stay On My Arm, You Little Charmer


I remember Joe Katz coming into the Marlin one evening after a Swinging Madisons rehearsal and announcing that Kristian had just written a #1 hit. And then he sang “Belinda” to the rapt little audience assembled in the booth there. Ned and I were probably taking notes.

Of all my songwriting role-models, Kristian was the only one I was actually friends with. And as an impressionable teenager, as I was still putting it all together that “songwriter” was something a person could actually be, Kristian’s example — both in its proximity and its brilliance — helped me find the path that is by far the main source of any strength and resilience I have left, totally the reason why I’m still able to get out of bed (almost) every morning.

This is the Booze Brothers live — always up for playing the #1 hits of the day — from that ghostly Buskers Club tape.

Belinda (Kristian Hoffman)

The Booze Brothers

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