My lovely and talented brother very kindly covered my song “Mary” on his first album. He also graciously invited me to sing harmony on it. I remember driving up to some house in Connecticut — it was recorded in a basement studio which was the homebase of the guy from that band where (I swear I’m not making this up) all the songs are about hockey…? Anyhow, they quite mercifully mixed my “singing” just below the threshold of human hearing, but I did manage to make myself useful by going on a pizza run.

I was able to reciprocate a few years later when, on the occasion of a milestone birthday of his, my brother’s wife and his friend Scruffy solicited all of his musician friends to each make a home recording of one of his songs, which they then compiled on a CD as a surprise birthday present. Choosing a song to do was a no-brainer for me, since “Sockets” had been always been my favorite of my brother’s songs. (Most Devastational?) I recorded it one afternoon on a weird little borderline-toy Japanese digital recorder called a ZOOM PS-04 that I bought specifically for the occasion using a now drunkenly destroyed Seagull guitar and one of the machine’s internal beats.

Sockets (Michael Shelley)

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  1. All hockey songs, yes, and they have been doing it for like 15 years. They do gigs with bands that only play Harry Potter songs, or Pirate songs, etc. That guy (your producer that day) quit The Zambonis probably around that time and has since produced a couple of albums for Interpol I think. For what it’s worth, I dig the Zambonis.

    Nice version of the Michael song Philip. Keep posting your creations, I’m still hooked.

  2. Thanks for the info, George. Though I have to admit, in trying to play up the “humorous” aspect, I was acting (slightly) dumber than I actually am.

    So, just for the record: Tarquin Studios, Peter Katis, nice guy, great producer, and I like the Zambonis too. The Zambonis song “Hockey Monkey” has actually been in heavy rotation on my iPod playlist all summer. One of Liam’s road favorites.

    Now then, about this Harry Potter band…???

  3. My old band played a gig with the Zamboni’s at the deeee-funct Under Acme (well, it’s funct, but has changed management and names a couple times since then).

    My favorite of their songs featured lyrical wordplay about “home girl…away girl…” But “Hockey Monkey” is pretty much their classic.

    “Sockets” is no slouch, either.

  4. FMU-listening parents of kids in a certain age range all know Hockey Monkey from the Songs from Inside the Radio compilation of Greasy Kid Stuff songs. Don’t miss the very cute video.

    As to your bro’s contribution to that compilation–well, now that he’s a parent, I hope he’s realized that plaque on teeth is the last thing that kids want to hear a pop song about.

    Hearing any version of “Sockets” brings back memories of McGovern’s.

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