Sky Blue Bells Ringing


Here’s a song that did not bubble up from the depths of my iPod. I heard it for the first time just the other night at an extraordinary open-mic show. I was stunned and amazed. The boy/girl, guitar/mandolin duo performing the song there was English, and at first I thought it must be one of theirs. (I had never even heard of the Waifs before.) Later, I went back to my room and downloaded the original version. Resignation or defiance? It’s hard to tell. Homesickness for the homeless.

London Still (Donna Simpson)

The Waifs

Wonder if you can pick up my accent on the phone
When I call across the country, when I call across the world
I see you in my kitchen, I can picture you now
As you toast to your small town when you drink the happy hour

I’m in London still
I’m in London still
I’m in London still

I took the tube over to Camden to wander around
I bought some funky records with that old Motown sound
And I miss you like my left arm that’s been lost in a war
Today I dream of home and not of London anymore

I’m in London still
I’m in London still
Yeah, I’m in London still

You know it’s okay, I’m kinda happy here for now
I think I’ve finally grown up and got myself a lover now
And if I ever come home, and I, I think I will
I hope you’re gonna wanna hang at my place on Sunday still

Oh yeah I hope you will
‘Cause I’m in London still

You know we got it sorted, yeah, we really got it down
To a fine art on Sunday in a sleepy Sunday town
I wonder what I’m missing, I think of songs I’ve never heard
I’m dreaming of your voices and I’m dreaming of your herb

I’m in London still
I’m in London still
I’m in London still

I’m in London still
La-la-la-la-la London still
I’m in London






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  1. London Still is a great song, I have never seen anyone else who knew it.
    Also Lilja 4-Ever is a great movie

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