Saturday Night Live


I wish there were a fully fleshed-out version of this. Even someone else’s. (Carol Jacobanis sang it beautifully once at a Primrose Hill gig.) The All-Girl Band recorded it, but we never really got it right. This is the original demo made at Stuart’s place in San Francisco.

Saturday Night Live

I watched the taillights as you flew behind the clouds
I wandered aimlessly through the early evening crowds
Listened to the sound of the engine’s roar
And I found my car and slammed the door

If it’s you and me against the world
Then I guess the world has won
And baby, this world’s kind of awful and mean

You can have your months and months of hell
And your momentary thrills
I’ve learned to love the things that come in between

Hot days in the woods behind the Bartow-Pell
Lunch breaks at the Seaport, when I really couldn’t tell
Riding down the Jersey shore on an endless drive
Or just lying around the mansion watching Saturday Night Live

The wind was blowing as we huddled on the pier
The sun was fading and we watched it disappear
Listen to the sound of the harbor bell
And your big, strong hands held mine so well

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