Pretend That I Didn’t Care

This is an odd one. Also done at Stuart’s. He called it my George Michaels song. I don’t (can’t) write this way anymore. In fact, I sat down to try to figure out the chords to this and I haven’t got a clue. But I remember at the time thinking that it worked, and everyone asked me who the hell was playing the guitar. Singer/songwriters are like baseball pitchers in that regard. If a pitcher has pitched a brilliant complete game two-hitter and somehow in the course of it he manages to hit his yearly RBI double, all he’ll want to talk about is how he got the hit. Once a year I manage to play a semi-decent guitar solo and then I can’t shut up about it.

Pretend That I Didn’t Care

I saw you standing in a doorway
You brushed the raindrops from your hair
I thought of crossing but I told my heart
To pretend that I didn’t care

I never even saw it coming
Just like the kid in Chrissie’s song
I went much further than my own back yard
But you know that kid, no matter what he did
It was wrong

Then I was staring at my cocktail
Your entrance took my breath away
I felt much better and it warms my heart
When I hear you say no matter what you came to play, yeah

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