Our Ever Surmounting Sorrows

Ur Devastationalism, via dark days in Palo Alto. The title phrase (and the bass playing) courtesy of Mark McGroarty. We were discussing our plans for the evening, just as it’s transcribed in the song, when the phrase popped out of his mouth. Of course, “surmounting” isn’t really the right word. I always pictured the lawyer as his sister, Beth. Also recorded at Stuart’s, who I think was starting to get a little worried at this point.

Our Ever Surmounting Sorrows

Industrial park on a rainy day
Me and my lawyer got nothing to say
Ignoring reporters, she hands me the will
Thinking of endless days that we have to kill

We could go to a movie
Or we could paint the town
Or we could go to a bar and drown
Our ever surmounting sorrows

The search continues in the great decline
Scanning the depositions line by line
It doesn’t matter though, I can tell
‘Cause when we dies she’s going to heaven
And I’m going to hell

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