Nothing You Can Say

Despite what you may have heard, being a Devastionalist is not all ducks and bunnies.

Nothing You Can Say

Amazing All-Girl Band

I see the marble that you keep up on the shelf
All buffed and polished in the image of yourself
I see the care with which you chiseled in the features
Your final offering to god and all his creatures

It’s time the neighbors came and got me
Nothing you can say will bring me down
It shouldn’t have to be this way
But it can’t be overcome

You strung the lizard lights around your bedroom doorway
You said we’d do it, we just have to do it your way
I saw Mercurochrome and cotton on the table
Picked up the bottle, saw the scratch marks on the label

I watched with interest as you went through your convulsions
More time invested understanding your compulsions
A lamp, a vase, an ashtray, smashed to pieces on the floor
Lots of things around this place that don’t work anymore

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