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Right now, it’s Amy Winehouse pretty much 24/7 around here. (Liam’s favorite is “Rehab.”) And — I swear this on a stack of Bibles — I fell for her music before I knew even the slightest thing about her absolutely riveting personal life. But I couldn’t have wished for any sweeter icing on the cake of my obsession. (Be still, my heart.) Bless her.

“Valerie” is an acoustic cover of a song by The Zutons she did for a television show. My ex-wife was crazy about the original Zutons version (a UK #9, produced by Stephen Street — the song was written by The Zuton’s singer/guitarist, David McCabe) and had sent that to me about a year ago. I loved it too, and it immediately became an iPod staple. And so in the throes of my current mania I was both astounded and delighted to discover that Amy Winehouse was covering the song. A full-on neo-soul version appears on her new album, but this off-the-cuff performance is eminently more sublime — as such things so often are.

Valerie (David McCabe/The Zutons)

Amy Winehouse

Irresistible Addendum Department:

This Amy Winehouse quote from the LA Times comes via Mrs. Kennedy:

“I know there are people in the world who have worse problems than falling in love and having it blow up in your face,” she said. “But I didn’t want to just wake up drinking, and crying, and listening to the Shangri-Las, and go to sleep, and wake up drinking, and listening to the Shangri-Las. So I turned it into songs, and that’s how I got through it.”

It seems there are no end of reasons to love that girl!

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  1. I don’t want to hear talk like that, Mrs. Kennedy!

    And as for linking you — I only pray the sudden massive increase in traffic doesn’t crash your servers.

  2. i would love a copy of this – in clicking download, it opens in quick time. can’t i save the mp3? great song and mrs kennedy, embrace your inner child! drink tequila and see ms. winehouse!

  3. Thanks for writing, Kim.

    I get this kind of question a lot, and I believe that if your browser opens the song in Quick Time, you can go to File > Save As and that should save the song to your desktop.

    Someday I should put up a proper download page and eliminate these problems altogether, but in the meantime — because we are at your service here at Devastationalist HQ — you can also try right-clicking to download the “Valerie” MP3 here.

  4. This is fabulous.

    I just last night put Amy Winehouse’s record on my iPod, and I’ll have to add this too. The Shangri-Las quote makes me love her even more, especially since the Mary Weiss show that I saw recently is still very much on my mind.

    Apparently Amy W. was the talk of SXSW, not that I give a rat’s ass about SXSW or its talk.

  5. a friend of mine just discovered this song and i’ve directed him to make a mad dash to your blog. for this and other golden nuggets. 🙂

  6. Thanks, Leelee. You know we aim to please (as well as devastate), and we appreciate the referral. (Still not sick of AW, amazingly enough.)

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