Line By Line

Opening lines stolen from a beer bottle, yes. And a drunken sloppy recording session I couldn’t remember if I you put a gun to my head. But heartfelt nonetheless. Marc Fagelson on bass, must be Reno on drums, and Josh Korda on various other instruments. The sax player was Julie. I forget her last name — I think she was a friend of Marc’s who wandered into our rehearsals sometimes.

Line By Line

The Lockhorns

From the glass-lined tanks of Old Latrobe
To the center of the heart god gave you
I surrender all my self-control
And it’s there I’ll put my trust and my faith in you

And when I’m strung out on a question
You know I wanna find the answer in your arms

And that’s the way things are and the way things were
In the world where things all work out fine
Where they draw you a picture or give you a show
Instead of writing it out for you line by line

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