Jazz Song


This was the last song I think the All-Girl Band ever did. Not the last song we physically played before crawling off the stage at our final gig (which, incidentally, was opening for Lobster of Hate at the Continental), but the last new song we wrote, rehearsed and performed with any regularity.

Fittingly, this song was, relative to then-current events in my life (or at least in my head), like the Bataan Death March — if the Japanese had served drinks. Disgust, contempt, and a kind of raging, passionate heartlessness. But still, I like how it sounds. The band got right to the heart of the matter without flinching, and managed to provide some genuine perspective through the music and the playing that may have been, er, lacking from the singing department. I still don’t have a lot of pity for the Annies of this world, but I no longer find in this a justification not to feel anything.

Oh, and about the name, “Jazz Song”: This song has a few odd fingerings and atonalities that got it immediately christened “Jazz Song” by the Girls, and it never did recover from that initial rehearsal-room mockery to earn a proper title.

Also, that band logo (above) is from a bunch of peel-off stickers we used to leave all over the place when we played. It was, of course, designed by the fabulous Julie Wilson who we were very lucky to know, and who very kindly did a lot of graphics for us.

And while we’re at it, I’m pretty sure that my ex-wife, Jack, who had a keen, gimlet eye (and who would go on to enjoy great success as a photo curator for Getty Images in London) took the press-kit band photo (below), possibly in the back hall of Brownies (?). But don’t blame her for the results. You should see the outtakes. Lori and I must have been propped up, wasted drunk, Tex apparently didn’t feel up to actually facing the camera, and only Clementine looks presentable. In fact, I remember reminding her to wear something that showed off her decolletage. Ah yes, we were all such troopers back then!

Jazz Song

Amazing All-Girl Band

Annie gave a little sigh
And often she’d break down and cry
She’d shake her head and wonder why
And I’m not saying I know
But I know

That often when you compromise
You’re buried underneath the lies
You hide behind your alibis
And I’m not saying I know
But I know

Well I’m sweeping all the cobwebs
From the corners of my life
From the universe
And all the world besides

Well I knew they’d take the best things first
I knew they’d take my wife
And my heart, and my home
And my babies


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  1. You came back from San Francisco using more fancy chords in your songs. I chalked it up to the jazz sushi place you worked in while you were there.

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