I Don’t Wanna Be Down


Real Live Girls via someone’s bar-top cassette recorder. Not sure of the venue or date. For
better or worse I think this is pretty true to what we actually sounded like on a decent night.
A Devastationalist love song — i.e., terror, alcohol and the feeling that there’s something very
wrong with this picture.

Du mußt dein Leben ändern.

Everyone simply referred to this song as “Ophelia,” and it was Evon Handras from The Fresh Kills who gave me a postcard of the Sir John Everett Millais painting which I think she saw at The Tate. (I should really post some of her songs here someday.)

I Don’t Wanna Be Down

Philip Shelley and his Amazing All-Girl Band

I got a friend named Ophelia
And she’s always down
And it’s starting to scare me
To have her around

She doesn’t like this time
She doesn’t like this place
And I’m starting to wonder
If I could ever face…

I refuse to be down
I don’t wanna be down

Getting drunk with Ophelia
It’s the afternoon
And she closes the curtains
We’re alone in her room

Then she brushes against me
And I start to fade
And I don’t even wonder
Because I’m so afraid

I refuse to be down
I don’t wanna be down

Did I happen to mention to you that I love her?
Did I mention that I really, really wanna help her out?
But I’m scared, I’m scared she’ll drag me under
I’m scared, I’m scared she’s gonna drag me down

And I don’t wanna be down

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