Drunk Pride Day


The amazing true adventures of the All-Girl Band. The second verse is all true, me, Lori and Tex completely wasted after some gig, crawling through the wreckage of the Gay Pride Parade. It was very likely Lori who said something like we were the “Drunk Pride Parade.” The first verse, well, I don’t know what Neil Young had to do with anything, but I do kind of hate him.

The riff, fittingly enough, was a bastardization of AC/DC’s “Have a Drink On Me.” The “we’re coming off of our barstools” is a nod to Lou Reed’s glamthem, “Make Up.” And if you don’t know where the “My my, hey hey” chorus was hijacked from, you probably are at the wrong blog — but anyhow, by that weird internal logic songs sometimes have, it somehow tied it all back neatly to the first verse.

Drunk Pride Day

Philip Shelley and his Amazing All-Girl Band

I have always hated Neil Young
Let me tell you why
‘Cause he supported Ronald Reagan
And he beat his wife

And I don’t like “Southern Man”
Or that Johnny Rotten stuff
And he sang with David Crosby and Stephen Stills
Now isn’t that enough?

We’re coming off of our barstools
We’re coming out in the streets

My my, hey hey
It’s Drunk Pride Day
My my, hey hey
It’s Drunk Pride Day

We were lounging on the sidewalk
Drinking Irish Rose
Tex was picking out some music
I took off all of my clothes

And some passers-by from the parade
Well, they didn’t bat an eye
But my neighbor tried to kill me
He said I looked at his wife
And Lori saved my life

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