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Philip Shelley and his Amazing All-Girl Band


1. Holiday
2. Something Impossible
3. Drunk Pride Day
4. Margaret Smith


1. A Couple of Lesbians
2. Cake on a Rake
3. Nothing You Can Say
4. Good Day to Die
5. Delta Burke
6. Post-Mortem Bar


1. I Don’t Wanna Be Down
2. Jazz Song
3. Day-O
4. Aloha Bobby and Rose
5. Margaret Smith
6. You Should Be Here

The Lockhorns

The Sober Sessions

1. Pebbles on the Beach
2. Phebe
3. Something Impossible
4. I Want You Around
5. The End of the World

The Wasted Sessions

1. Line By Line
2. Yes, Spiritual Awakening



1. Champagne Instead of Food
2. You and Me In a Doorway
3. Don’t Care Where
4. Ho Ho Ho
5. Queen of Disgusting
6. Feast Your Eyes
7. Big Scorpio


1. Rain Song
2. Saturday Night Live
3. Miss Parker Understands
4. So Used To Having None Am I
5. If She’s Listening
6. Monica Says
7. Too Far
8. The List

2 Replies to “Download Songs”

  1. No fuckin way. I am listening to spiritual awakening from CBGB’s 1996(?). The world needs the all girl band, every day. Tex where are you now?

    How the hell do I get you’re tunes into my life?

    Keep it real, but not too real…


    (friend of Nick Danger)

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