Cinderella Sweeping Up


Mary and I had just split up and I was a drunken, zombified wreck, beyond misery, when Ned casually slipped Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice” into a Nightmares rehearsal. At the time, things were strained between me and Ned, and we could barely stand to be in the same room together.

I learned the song, but it wasn’t until later on that I realized his intent hadn’t been so completely casual after all. I think he was looking out for me, in his way, and whether that’s true or not, singing this song night after night definitely helped clear out my head and bring me back to the world of the living.

Sometimes the kindest exchanges between two people are the small, silent gestures made when things have degenerated so badly that civil conversation is next to impossible.

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Bob Dylan)

The Nightmares

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  1. Thanks, George.

    And though my unfortunately ingrained knee-jerk response to any kind of praise would normally lead me to pooh-pooh your very kind words, I definitely do agree in one sense — as an inveterate junk-baller myself, it’s not hard for me to stand on the outside and appreciate how the Nightmares were the only band I was ever a part of that could consistently rely on throwing high heat night in and night out.

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