Consumer Reports


We were sitting around Gideon Rosen’s parent’s house in Larchmont, where, as fate would have it, there happened to be a guitar and, you guessed it, a copy of a certain magazine sitting on the coffee table. And, not only did we consider this a proper song, but as is evidenced below, we actually paid real money to record it in a proper studio.

Consumer Reports

The Nightmares

Consumer Reports, everybody needs
Consumer Reports, everybody reads
Consumer Reports, Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports, yeah

2 Replies to “Consumer Reports”

  1. You should have posted the audio from the Nitemare’s July 31, 1987 show at Winterland… “Dark Stas” into “Drumz” into a 20-minute jam on “Consumer Reports.” Really groovy, man!

  2. Seriously, this is actually a very nice chorus. Making a recording of it is not a bad idea… and maybe you can turn it into a finished song. The biggest selling song of all time, Lennon and (in this case, mostly) McCartney’s “Yesterday,” started life as a sketch entitled “Scrambled Eggs,” after all 🙂

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