Champagne Instead of Food


Is it weird to post your own song and say you really like it? I don’t even mean it’s good. I just mean I wouldn’t change anything — it’s true to itself. I knew it was going to work when the line “Honey, it’s never gonna go away” appeared out of nowhere — that combination of genuine aching sympathy and brutal, bitter fatalism. The song of mine that comes perhaps closest to capturing the Devastionalist spirit — without going over, that is.

Champagne Instead of Food

She staggered to the table with a pen behind her ear
And brushed away a lock of dyed-blonde hair
She smiled then mumbled something that I couldn’t understand
She had to prop herself against a chair

Honey, it’s never gonna go away
I understand exactly how you feel
I don’t wanna be rude, but please
Could I have champagne instead of food

She made her way behind the bar, just stood there for awhile
Reached up to get a bottle from the shelf
She filled a bucket full of ice and chilled the Veuve Clicquot
Then poured and downed a highball for herself

She twisted off the wire and the cork flew through the air
And someone at the bar began to clap
I never got to thank her, and I never caught her name
She passed out drooling sweetly in my lap

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