Yes, Spiritual Awakening

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Dear, sweet Mara, and dear, sweet St. Marks Place.

Yes, Spiritual Awakening

The Lockhorns

I saw a girl that I knew so long ago
She really seemed to have her act together, so I told her so
I said, Honey, how’d you do it in such a short, short time?
If you got the secret, I wish you’d make the secret mine

She said, No pot smoking
She said, No sitting on the steps
She said, No alcohol

She said, Yeah yeah, spiritual awakening
Yeah yeah, spiritual awakening

She said she’s living in West Roxbury with her mom and dad
She said her office job is quiet, but the quiet ain’t that bad
‘Cause there’s a couple of boys she likes and a life she wants to lead
She said there comes a point in life you have to ask for help to get the things you need

Line By Line

Opening lines stolen from a beer bottle, yes. And a drunken sloppy recording session I couldn’t remember if I you put a gun to my head. But heartfelt nonetheless. Marc Fagelson on bass, must be Reno on drums, and Josh Korda on various other instruments. The sax player was Julie. I forget her last name — I think she was a friend of Marc’s who wandered into our rehearsals sometimes.

Line By Line

The Lockhorns

From the glass-lined tanks of Old Latrobe
To the center of the heart god gave you
I surrender all my self-control
And it’s there I’ll put my trust and my faith in you

And when I’m strung out on a question
You know I wanna find the answer in your arms

And that’s the way things are and the way things were
In the world where things all work out fine
Where they draw you a picture or give you a show
Instead of writing it out for you line by line

The Lockhorns

This is the Lockhorns, “Sober Sessions.” Me, Tex, Joe Katz and Steve “Reno” Dansiger helping us out on the drums. Will Dial harmonizes throughout, Bob DuCharme solos on “I Want You Around.” Recorded by a guy named Ed Bair who had come up from Athens, GA and had a little studio on the Lower East Side.

I Want You Around

It’s the same old bar but different faces
Those were my last coherent thoughts before I drowned
Now at the bottom of my glass I can see traces
Of a guy I used to be back in another round

I may not know what I believe in
But there’s a lot of kings and queens that ain’t been crowned
All I can say as I get through each damn day
Is don’t you know that I want you around

Now I’ve been around to different places
And I ended up in a land that time forgot
If you ever looked into Neanderthal faces
You’d scream a panicked “why” and receive a blithe “why not?”

I may not know what I believe in
But there’s a lot of kids in Queens that ain’t been crowned
All I can say as I get through each damn day
Is don’t you know that I want you around
(You know I do)

Something Impossible

This is the original version, which I’ve always slightly preferred. It’s capo-ed, as it was written. In the All-Girl Band version I’m cheating, playing open chords because nobody remembered to bring a capo.

There is nothing you can say I won’t believe
I know you think I’m so naïve
But I could list the things that bring me down
It just won’t mean a thing without you

How we end up is no concern
Sometimes you teach, sometimes you learn
And even in a case where I succeed
It just won’t mean a thing without you

I got something in my head today
And I can’t believe it’s true
Though we have to move ahead
I can’t help but think of what I left behind
Something impossible on my mind

I try to take comfort in living hell
It really gets bad when things go well
And let’s not even talk about the upper hand
It just won’t mean a thing without you

Got no big plans, no grand designs
Just wanna stabilize my vital signs
And even in a case where I succeed
It just won’t mean a thing without you

Pebbles on the Beach

Lots of real live girls in this one all mashed together. Not one of ’em named Pebbles, though. Back then I still believed in the California dream. And the Rolling Stones, clearly. (Well, actually, I still believe in the Stones.)

Pebbles called me from the airport
She said her flight had been delayed
I wasn’t home, but then I hardly ever was
I still wish that she had stayed

She’s just as warm as April’s showers
And just as sharp as Rose’s thorns
And just as sweet as Georgia’s luscious peach
My little Pebbles on the beach

When I met her she was working in a bar room
And I admit back then I wanted more
Than just to be her friend, from now until the end
But of course I don’t feel that way anymore

She never told a soul about her big escape plan
Saved up all her money cutting hair
The last time she cut mine we smoked hash and drank red wine
And I paid her thirty dollars which seemed fair

Now she’s bought a used LeSabre out in Oxnard
Guns it ’round those turns on Highway One
From Monterey to Santa Barbara
Looking for her acre in the sun


Songs about dead friends — who doesn’t love this genre? This was a slow, depressed funeral song until Tex & Joe got ahold of it.

Started as a whim then it became a major proposition
Phebe said she had to find out, had to find out what came after wishin’
So she grabbed a bunch of clothes out of the trunk beside her bed
She tried an orange sequin thing but settled on a black silk dress instead

Summer clouds they gathered by the force of her command
A force that had begun to take its toll
It rained so hard I huddled with a friend I couldn’t stand
The night that Phebe sold her soul

Myself I was drinking in a bar way uptown
I mean 181st Street, way uptown
The Irish guy who shoved me knocked my whiskey on the bar
I turned to glare at him but just backed down

Later on in another bar in another part of town
My clothes were soaked and my eyes were buring red
Rain splashed on the window as the magic let her down
In her room a candle flickered then was dead

The End of the World

I don’t know what possessed me to cover this. I still get a little swoony at Tex’s guitar solo, though.