Cathedral Parkway


“Cathedral Parkway” was me pouncing on a readymade more than anything else. Just looking up at a street sign one day and thinking, “Wow! Is it really possible that no one has ever used that? How did I not see this before?” From there it wasn’t very hard to plug in the hottest spots from my own emotional guidebook to create a go-go anthem for the blissed-out glory of Morningside life.

This was the original version done at Josh Korda’s loft, possibly the day it was written. I think this was the first song I ever did over there, the scene-to-be of many future crimes. Josh liked to entertain, and the party never ended at his place. But that same inexhaustible good hostmanship served Josh well musically, too. He was always a positive spirit, up for trying anything, and he could wring music out of pretty much any instrument.

I think Josh plays everything but the guitars on this — though it’s entirely possible that that’s Bob DuCharme once again showing off his mad percussion chops. (Perhaps Bob will let us know?) And yes, somehow the tape is slightly speeded up (approximately one step, from C to D), but it’s always been that way, and I’ve gotten so used to it by now that I’m convinced it’s integral to the song’s overall trippiness — rather than a laughable side-effect of extreme retsina consumption.

106th Street
Duke Ellington Boulevard
108th Street, baby
I met you in Cannon’s bar

But 110th Street
Well that’s four lanes all the way
From the skating rink at Central Park North
To the majestic Hudson Bay

The lights are so much brighter
And the air is fresh and clean
The busses hurtle on by ya’
Do you know where I mean?

On Cathedral Parkway
Na na na na na na na na na

Outside the Cathedral
Of Saint John the Divine
We fed the peacocks
Underneath those hanging vines

I wiped my eyes on you
When everything started to blur
You said they weren’t real
But I knew they were

The lights are so much brighter
And the air is fresh and clear
The busses hurtle on by ya’
So come with me my dear

Down Cathedral Parkway
Na na na na na na na na na