Blood Stains the Ivories On My Daddy’s Baby Grand


Some songs you don’t listen to. You fall into them — as you would into a cold, dark ocean at night — and they drown you. This is Joe McGinty’s Baby Steps, from what I think is their first recording in 1994. Absolutely harrowing.

Whiskey and Passion (Joe McGinty)

Baby Steps

2 Replies to “Blood Stains the Ivories On My Daddy’s Baby Grand”

  1. At first I was all, Dude, it’s Friday afternoon and you’re giving us “harrowing”? But then I made the superhuman effort to click play, and it’s a knockout. Thanks for having faith in your readership.

  2. Really, Mrs. K., the only appropriate response to this is, “No, thank you for making the superhuman effort!” No one knows better than I that Devastationalism is not something people want to ponder 24 hours a day. God knows, there are days when I can’t stand to even look at this website.

    But, yes, the song is a knockout. And while Joe gets a lot of well-deserved recognition for his brilliant piano playing and his all-around music sense, I think his singing and songwriting don’t get nearly enough attention (especially from him, which I something I make sure to mention every time we bump into each other). I can’t think of anyone who does this better, and selfishly, I wish he were on his 10th album by now.

    The good news is, he’s put together a new ensemble (when I saw them recently they were still unnamed, but I think they’ve since been christened “Circuit Parade”) and seems to have put writing and performing his own songs back on the front burner.

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