Big Scorpio


From “The Hangover Sessions.” So-called for painfully obvious reasons. This was a live acoustic recording I did at Stuart’s to get down the batch of songs that would lead to the formation of the All-Girl Band. “Ironically” (is there anything more insane than putting those irony-quotes around the word ironically?), the Girls never cottoned to “Big Scorpio,” and we only performed it a couple of times. But the batch also included “Lesbians,” “Holiday,” and other songs that we did build the band around.

Wandering drunk around the marina at night, singing the Berkeley Blues. What is it about Cancers (I am a text-book Cancer) and Scorpios? At the time it seemed like every woman who crossed my romantic radar was a Scorpio. Quite a Devastational streak they comprised, too.

Big Scorpio

As I waltzed along the quay
Just my Jameson’s and me
I was circling the flame
And then suddenly she came
Into my life…

A clear November night
The wind is cold
A row of silver lights
Shining down below
And I feel her tug
Big Scorpio

Watched the ripples in the bay
Calling me to come and play
I was tired of the test
Looking for a place to rest
My weary eyes…

Her power calls me, and I’m helpless to resist
I just can’t fight it any more

Took a hit to make me warm
When she appeared in human form
I had seen all this before
But outside there ain’t no door
No way to leave…

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